Paris Jackson hospitalized for attempted suicide

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson, musicMichael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, 15, has been hospitalized since early Wednesday in a hospital in California after her mother called to the ER after the attempted suicide of the girl.

Several ambulances arrived at the home of Jackson after about half past one at night, a phone call warn to the emergency service of California, that the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson, is trying to commit suicide. As reported by the biological mother, Debbie Rowe, at the program Entertainment Tonight.

The Fire Department of Los Angeles has been reported, according to the Los Angeles Times and People, that the emergency caller spoke of a "possible overdose". Although the entertainment website TMZ says, citing hospital emergency sources that Paris had several cuts on one wrist. 

About two o'clock, she was transferred by ambulance to the hospital where, at this time, she is out of danger.

Debbie Rowe told Entertainment Tonight that Paris is "going through a lot lately". According to sources close to the family say that all this trigger was because she was not allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert to be held this Thursday.

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson, music
Paris already had days that he was not in good mood. In her Twitter account, the last tweets that she wrote hours before being taken to hospital, wrote some of the verses of the song "Yesterday" by The Beatles, "yesterday , all my troubles seemed so far away now it looks as though they're here to stay". 

In addition to the phrases: "i wonder why tears are salty ?" and "that conversation escalated quickly 😐". 

Although another of the messages could warn that Paris is having a good time, was to write a message with the stanza of Malaysian singer-songwriter Zee Avi: "🎼you say i need therapy , well , my darling , so do you . don't need for you to tell me what is wrong in all i say or do". 

One of the lawyers of the grandmother of Paris and King of Pop's mother, Katherine Jackson, has acknowledged to The Daily News that she "had suffered greatly from the loss of her father", but they did not know what had led him to try to suicide.

That lawyer and family must be pretty blind not to see the situation, after all the show is being mounted to the trial by the complaint of Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, accusing the promoter AEG Live to be responsible of his civil death, and whose demand amounts to 40,000 million. This litigation is making in a new media circus that is affecting mainly the children of Michael Jackson. Indeed, Paris should declare in the trial in the coming weeks.

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