Michael Jackson was forced to essay till exhaustion

Michael Jackson, music, King of Pop, This is it, Thriller, Black or whiteIn the judgement that the family of the late Michael Jackson maintains with promoter AEG, responsible for the tour "This Is It" has been heard the heartbreaking testimony of the makeup revealing in what conditions and with what pressure the King Pop reached till the exhaustion.

A new revelation about what Michael Jackson was suffering during rehearsals for what was to be his last world tour, "This is it", has left fans and the music world totally shocked. Michael Jackson was forced by executives from promoter AEG Live to essay, despite the obvious signs of physical deterioration and constant health problems.

According to one of the witnesses in the judgement by the Jackson family complaint against the producer AEG Live, Karen Faye, the makeup artist and hairstylist for more than 30 years of the late singer, told the jury of the Court of Los Angeles, that she was concerned increasingly of health of Michael Jackson and his extreme thinness.

Michael Jackson, This is it, music, King of pop, world tour, concert
During her intervention, Faye said she heard a phone conversation in which the AEG executive, Paul Gongaware, told the King of Pop's assistant to get him out of the bathroom and take him to essay. In turn, she told about the health of singer to Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson's manager and director of the new tour, and Randy Phillips, co-CEO of AEG Live.

Ortega also received news from Alif Sankey, the associate producer of the show "This is it" that Michael Jackson was dying because he was increasingly thin, mistaking in the dance steps that he knew perfectly and talking to himself. Jackson himself recognized Kenny Ortega that he listened to God and he had conversations with him. Of course, that was another sign of something not worked as it should in the singer's life.

Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009 by a cardiorespiratory arrest at his home in Los Angeles.

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