Is Justin Bieber out of control?

Justin Bieber, music, 2013, Believe, BeliebersJustin Bieber seems to have forgotten that he is a singer who is a model for many teenagers around the world, continuing his life out of control. Some people say that it is due to lack of maturity and others say for his new companies. It is true that Justin Bieber has lost control of his life.

It seems that 2013 will not be the year of the Canadian singer, idol of teenagers all over the world, Justin Bieber. Although we are talking about his music, his new acoustic musical which premiered in January, Bieber is not a good example for his fans at time to behave when in public and in real life. The singer is completely uncontrolled.

From the moment in which Justin Bieber turned 18, the singer's life has taken a radical change in regards to bad ways, although that does not mean he have had any good moment altruistic helping those who have a disease, such as the visit to a fan with cancer that she is admitted in the hospital.

Justin Bieber, music, 2013, Believe, Beliebers
We have all known from the news published on Internet the disaster with his new car that seems to be driving it more by his friends than himself, which makes these cause more accidents or traffic tickets because instead of thinking that they are on the street or roads, they think that they are in urban racetracks.

We remember, too, the fateful death of a paparazzi that he was hit by another car at the time that he would publish the news that Justin Bieber had been photographed smoking marijuana. Obviously, two days later, it was that released some photos of Justin at a party where there was more than just music and alcohol, and surrounded by friends clearly linked to these events.

In musical events and television programs we have seen Justin do certain things that for the defenders of the singer is very normal but, actually, is something embarrassing in view of other people and especially parents of the singer's fans. It was in the presentation of his album, when the singer upload to the network Instagram a photo in which he down his pants and showed his butt at everybody, something that caused the revolution on Twitter and Instragram with a total of 75,000 retweets. After a few hours later the singer withdrew the photo, too late for this kind of thing.

In television we have seen that the Canadian singer showed his underwear and kissing a mannequin in the Jimmy Fallon show to the astonishment of the presenter while he repeated this a thousand times to Justin not to continue doing that. The singer's fans, of course, encouraged him with hysterical screams of satisfaction at what he was doing, imagining that some of them were lucky mannequin head.

Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, television, music, kiss, mannequin, Believe, beliebers
Although now they says otherwise and after the girl disprove that did not happen, Justin Bieber touched a chest at one of his fans when they were making a photo. Yes, we know that almost all fans will say no and that the singer himself has said no, but it is not. You can clearly see in the photo as some of the wrinkles of the shirt of the girl are perfectly routed and perpendicularly to the fingers of the hand of the singer.

And we don't talk about his love life with the singer and actress Selena Gomez because we would be writing a pretty extensive list of news that has been published about these two.

Is Justin Bieber losing the direction of his life? Does the singer is so unruly that don't matters nothing to be seen drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana with his new friends of party? Is the singer's new way to promote his new album to continue talking about him? 

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