Justin Bieber photographed smoking marijuana

Justin Bieber, music, Believe, Believe AcousticThe year did not start too well for Justin Bieber because after being involved indirectly in the death of a paparazzi today have appeared some pictures of the singer allegedly smoking marijuana in a hotel room.

Justin Bieber seems to have had a big party at a hotel in Newport Beach, California after the celebrity news website TMZ published some photos of the singer at a party in the hotel room where he was also rapper and friend of Justin, Lil Twister.

These pictures were taken on January 2, a day after a paparazzi, Chris Guerra, died as a result of being hit when he went to photograph Justin Bieber in his white Ferrari to give a very good exclusive as chief photographer reported.

Justin Bieber, TMZ, smoking, music, marijuana
Within the party there was the safety of Justin Bieber so the person who took the photos he managed to photograph it without anyone of his "gorilla" realized what he was doing so we can catch the singer red-handed chatting, something that no law prohibits the moment, drinking beer and smoking marijuana supposedly. The legal age in the United States is able to drink alcohol at age 21, although we all know that drinking alcohol at any age without any oversight by anyone.

As we know that will never know the truth about the pictures and what was happening at this event, the only thing is rumored that the deceased photographer would photograph Justin Bieber smoking marijuana in the white Ferrari that led the rapper Lil Twister although the car is owned by the Canadian singer.

The singer's agents have not made any statement about the photos but Justin Bieber himself commented on what happened to the fatal accident of the paparazzi: "Although I was not present or directly involved in this tragic accident, my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the victim".

The canadian singer added a more or less intelligent to the point: "hopefully this tragedy will inspire legislation and any other necessary steps to protect the lives and safety of celebrities, police officers, the public innocent passerby and photographers themselves".

Do not forget that many artists seek paparazzi photo of the day to get out in the magazines and keep giving that talk about their career or personal life. Although it is true that some of these celebrities hunters go in search of a photo that they can ruin their career. There is peace between the two sides.

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