Warner Bros negotiates the return of "Gremlins"

Gremlins, Gizmo, 1984, film, cinema, Hollywood
Warner Bros wants to follow the bandwagon of remakes and sequels of the latest movies and famous movie. The decade of the 80's where all eyes are focused to produce a huge amount of new versions. Of course they have set in one of the great successes of this period the "Gremlins".

The 80s became the era of little green dolls with very bad temper and a lovely doll with googly eyes very sweet to the delight of the public in both film and television, especially children. A few little things that got wet with water if multiplied both in quantity and in his devilish character. Warner Bros wants to count on them for an upcoming remake.

Gremlins, Hollywood, 1984, cinema, filmSeveral years ago there are rumors about the possibility of Gizmo, the good doll, and green elves return to the big screen. But this time it seems that Warner Bros has decided to start work in earnest on the project's return of "Gremlins" and contact Amblin, Spielberg's production company, the makers of the original film that was released in theaters in the year 1984 by Joe Dante and whose success led to a sequel was not as successful as the first.

For those who do not remember the movie, so we very much doubt it, and for those who have not ever seen the players were reminded that Billy and Gizmo, the latter a mixture of Ewok creature and Koala, who came home three specific instructions not to wet, do not feed him after midnight and not expose to sunlight. Like everything could be so simple in the movies, things were not well and had a quiet town invaded by an army of green goblins destroyers were led by a green elf even more bad blood than others and with a white crest head. Now as you imagine the film could continue.

If it were to be realized the project of "Gremlins" could consider it more of a "reset" a remake of the same, although the latter seems more information. But here again the successful emergence of these little monsters, maybe we could talk about a possible sequel.


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