Life of John McAfee, the creator of the antivirus, becomes film

John McAfee, Hollywood, cinema, film, biopicNever an antirivus had much impact in Tinseltown. Rather, the creator of the popular antivirus, John McAfee, that due to recent events in his personal life in Hollywood has set it to make a movie of his life. Welcome to the creativity of cinema.

Hollywood is becoming a "hunting lives" when looking for new material for a film to impact public opinion. With the help of producers are looking for new talent as those football or basketball coaches watch their new stars. In this case is set at John McAfee. Again the temptation of a villain in real life has knocked the movie studios.

John McAfee, Hollywood, cinema, film, biopic
Warner Bros has bought the rights to an article in Wired magazine entitled "John McAfee Last Stand" where documenting the extraordinary adventures, call them that, of this peculiar character. Producers John Requa and Glenn Ficarra will be responsible for directing and the film adaptation  of McAfee.

Having given up his own company, he retired to Belize where he has been living for years. Having achieved success with his product and have money to under rocks, McAfee has been living large abusing alcohol and drugs. His own neighbors have defined it as a strange and sometimes problematic.

Currently he is being chased by police of Belize for a possible involvement in the murder of a neighbor, Gregory Faull, a Florida builder who was shot dead in the head last November.

McAfee fled until he was captured in Guatemala and taken to a prison in Belize, where it still continues to write in his blog. From there his experiences and says $ 25,000 reward for anyone who finds the real murderer Gregory Viant Faull.

No wonder at all that Hollywood has been fixed in this character because his life is already a series of films that deal with numerous issues. Will they do something like "Miami Vice"? 


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