Lindsay Lohan back to court

Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood, cinema, film, arrestLindsay Lohan adds to her travel guide another visit to court, this time requested by the judge of Los Angeles on her sports car crash into a truck on a road in Hollywood.

If Lindsay Lohan did not know the judge Stephanie Sautner, now is her good time to be able to do it. Since it was required for her to re-listen to Lohan about her possible crime of lying to police in a crash into a dump truck in June. Her car was partially destroyed.

As was already known that Lohan was going to go to jail for lying, Judge Sautner was a benevolent person, freed her from supervised probation but warned her to stop partying: "You have to live your life in a way more mature, late night parties stop and concentrate on your work". But Lohan is a bad girl and has not paid much attention to the judge according to the news we've seen throughout 2012.

Lindsay Lohan, arrest, Hollywood, New York, film, cinemaIt is true that Lohan has since filmed two movies, but has gotten into serious trouble several times, including a pair of arrests in New York that have not resulted in charges.

She was on probation for theft at the time of the wreck in California, and Sautner had warned the actress she could be sentenced to 245 days in jail if she did not behave. She has pleaded not guilty and a trial date Feb. 27 has been set. As time passes, Lindsay is further complicated her existence in the real world.

Is this the last time that a judge advised the actress to be on the right track of life herself or this time Lohan will go straight to prison to serve sentence for all offenses committed in addition to not take orders from the justice? 


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