Lindsay Lohan arrested for fighting at a club in New York

http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/11/29/1354192153568/Lindsay-Lohan-010.jpgActress Lindsay Lohan has once again been arrested following a fight, among other reasons, which took place at a club in New York. Her police record continues to rise and since 2007 when she was arrested in California for driving while intoxicated.

If anything can boast New York actress Lindsay Lohan is not just for her film work but rather by her police record increasingly more bulges in the archives of the U.S. stations police.

Once again the actress has been arrested while trying to imitate Mike Tyson, this time in the nightclub Avenue in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York. According to the New York Post, Lohan and a woman identified as Tiffany Mitchell Eve met, clashed at the club and, after an exchange of words not very good sounding, actress punched her in the face.

After the fight, the actress was taken to the police station about 4 am charged with third-degree assault. Later the actress left the police station under a dark jacket and accompanied a group of companions and that led to a car. 

If the actress wanted to make a good advertisement for the series recently starred on the life of late actress Liz Taylor, has achieved the opposite. After receiving all kinds of criticism of her performance in the television series, Lindsay Lohan just put an end to what could have been a new beginning of her acting career.

Recently, in an interview with Britain's Daily Mirror, the actress said: "I love the interpretation, is what I have been provided is a shame that people would begin to learn more about being a celebrity that being an interpreter. want people to respect me for my work". 

Following this path, we believe that respect is going to have to keep plowing over and over again until she gets it, once and for all, to be a respectable actress and, above all, a person in every way. Lohan has a very difficult road in search of respect and dignity lost when recently also quarreled with her mother for no less than almost $ 40,000 and cocaine abuse.

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