Lady Gaga wants Michael Jackson's mansion

Lady Gaga, pop diva, music, Mother MonsterLady Gaga is news again and this time for wanting to keep alive the spirit and music of her namesake, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Especially his spirit and his name as the pop diva bought 55 items a few weeks ago that went to auction. Mother Monster also has another major project in mind and that is named Jacko.

After Lady Gaga acquired a total of 55 items of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, who a few weeks ago were auctioned in Beverly Hills which came to raise about $ 5 million, not knowing how the singer came to pay for all of them. Lady Gaga said on Twitter following the acquisition: "The 55 pieces I purchased today will be archived and maintained by experts espítiru and love Michael Jackson, his courage and his fans worldwide".

Michael Jackson, Neverland, music, King of Pop
But she has not had enough to keep some memory of the singer but also Lady Gaga is completely determined to undertake a more serious adventure, buy the mansion "Neverland" located in Santa Monica, California.

According to a publication of the British newspaper The Sun a source close to the singer confessed that "is obsessed with Michael": "She has become very fond of his sister Latoya and would love more than anything in the world his return to Neverland original state".

But for now the sale of the 129,000 square feet that includes all the property that Michael Jackson bought in 1988 and turned it into a veritable amusement park may not be feasible because the singer's heirs own a part of "Nerverland" and now want to continue keeping their home and do not want to take any decision on this to be over. Just do appreciate preppy obtain financial aid for their maintenance. 

Due to the economic problems that Michael Jackson suffered during 2008, he lost control of the property passed to Sycamore Valley Ranch Company Company. Luckily for the heirs and relatives, they retain some rights to it. 

Time will tell if the spirit and name of the King of Pop come together in one place to Pop diva.

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