Lady Gaga will offer mental therapy at her concerts

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Born This Way, pop musicLady Gaga continues in her efforts to help anyone who has problems especially if they are her followers. For that reason, Mother Monster has decided that her next tour will offer mental therapy to all who need it before her concerts.

Lady Gaga wants to start the new year with good and great wishes and one of them is to resume her concerts around the world, touring increasingly spectacular and continue to take care of her followers in the heat of the arms of a true Mother Monster.

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Born This Way, pop music
This would not be anything new if not for Lady Gaga has decided to include on her world tour something that will help her little monsters in any psychological problem they have. Before each concert will offer private or group sessions with professionals that cover topics such as depression, bullying and mental health.

Whoever can go without worrying about anything as well be dealing with professionals can stay in touch with other fans of the singer and who may also exchange experiences and help each other.

Of course, Lady Gaga has thought of everything and everyone. Those who for whatever reason do not want to attend these therapy sessions or all they want is to attend the concert and have fun, may have its moments of fun before the concert. "There will be food and games. DJ White Shadow and Lady Starlight will host BREEDLOVE to keep the experience fun". So those who want to go to her concerts are not going to bore it at any time whatever they do.

Professionals who help in this new initiative are Lady Gaga Born This Way Foundation directed by the New York singer: "BornBrave Bus is a place where mental health and depression are taken seriously and without judgment.'s FREE help and available to all".

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