Brad Pitt is Pontius Pilate

Brad Pitt, cinema, film, Hollywood
The company Warner Bros takes time planning to make a film about the life of one of the most "clean" characters that went through the life of Jesus, Pontius Pilate. Failing to reach a final agreement and have the actor who will play the main character's biopic, Brad Pitt.

No start date for filming, no date for the release, untitled, but is already in the list actor who will play one of the most controversial figures of sacred history and many who know the Bible or have seen any Scripture film very well known, Pontius Pilate.

Although his schedule is not just a free hole to rest, Brad Pitt wanted to dive into this Hollywood production that will perform the Warner Bros. about the life and miracles, if there is one in his life, the Roman court Pontius Pilate. A paper somewhat difficult for the actor to be a character that had just let a people judging who was their Messiah. But that is another story that has nothing to do with the film but have made ​​dozens of films on the subject.

Brad Pitt, cinema, film, Hollywood
According to the movie website Deadline, which is responsible for publishing the story, the movie about the life of Pontius Pilate try from his beginnings as the sensitive son of a Roman knight to his conversion into fierce soldier. Although thanks to his exploits on the battlefield promise to become military governor in Egypt but ultimately ends up being prefect of Judea by the grace of the Emperor Tiberius and which will have to make really tough decisions and vital as to crucify Jesus Christ . For luck or misfortune of Pontius Pilate, the charge which will eventually be universally known.

According to the website, the film will have a big budget, a story of this caliber deserves it, the responsibility for handling the script is Vera Blasi who was writer of "Woman on Top" (2000) with the participation of Penelope Cruz , or the recent "Emperor" (2012) where they appear Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones, among others.

In the film also appear characters as highly relevant and known as John the Baptist, Mary Magdalene and the emperors Caligula and Tiberius. Without them it could not explain the Pontius Pilate life nor what happened at the end of the movie because it would be meaningless.

Before this great project a reality film, we see Brad Pitt during this year 2013 with the release of several films. These "World War Z" directed by Marc Foster and will be released on August 2, "Twelve Years a Slave" by Steve McQueen, and whose premiere is scheduled to be in September.

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