Brad Pitt revolutionizes China with a message on Weibo

Brad Pitt, Hollywood, cinema, filmBrad Pitt revolutionizes all his followers wherever he goes and wherever write, especially when it comes to social networks. As has happened in China where after writing on Weibo has caused a flurry of messages and mass hysteria.

U.S. actor Brad Pitt has revolutionized all followers in China after he wrote on Weibo, the Twitter in China, a simple message that caused mass hysteria of all: "It is the truth. Yup, I'm coming".

It was his first message on the social network in China as it has banned Twitter and with those seven words have gotten in a few hours the actor's Weibo account has surpassed 161,000 followers, have the message forwarded 31,000 times and has produced 14 000 comments in your account. All Chinese pandemic by Brad Pitt.

Brad Pitt, Hollywood, cinema, film, Weibo
What is not clear is if Brad Pitt has written that message with the intention of traveling to China or just wrote a sentence that social network implying that opened a Weibo account.

If the intention is the first choice is going to be somewhat difficult as Brad Pitt, according to U.S. website IMDB movie, the actor has forbidden to enter China since he starred in "Seven Years in Tibet" held in 1997 by the French director Jean-Jacques Annaud, since apparently the Chinese government bugged by the way that portrayed the Chinese intervention in Tibet. It would be a challenge the actor against the government of China that landed in China without knowing the reason for his stay.

The strange thing is that when looking at his Weibo account we realize that he had written the message has disappeared. Did he regretted having written the actor seeing the message which has resulted in the Chinese social network?

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