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Michael Jackson was forced to essay till exhaustion

Michael Jackson, music, King of Pop, This is it, Thriller, Black or whiteIn the judgement that the family of the late Michael Jackson maintains with promoter AEG, responsible for the tour "This Is It" has been heard the heartbreaking testimony of the makeup revealing in what conditions and with what pressure the King Pop reached till the exhaustion.


Swedish police found drugs on a bus of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Believe, music, beliebersStockholm Swedish police, found drugs inside the bus of Canadian singer Justin Bieber in his tour of the capital of Sweden. Although the police have been unable to find any suspects, is another difficult situation for the teen idol.


Lady Gaga has delayed several concerts for suffering synovitis

Lady Gaga, Mother Monster, Pop diva, music, concert, tour, Born this way tour, 2013Lady Gaga said in a statement that the singer suffers an inflammation in the joints that prevents her from walking: Because of this ailment has had to cancel several concerts of the tour that takes her around the world for more than two years.


Lady Gaga reveals the first dates of her 2012 Tour
Lady Gaga has announced her world tour "Born This Way Ball" and which will have 110 dates planned for almost 2 years with the tour expected to last throughout the world. It has also confirmed the first ten dates of the tour.


Dates for Madonna's world tour in 2012 got that half the world went crazy with an extraordinary performance on the day of the Superbowl, Madonna has made ​​known to his fans the dates of their upcoming world tour after last week announced it would give all his "luvin 'on stage worldwide.


Lady Gaga announces album for 2012"Mother Monster" does not rest a moment. If 2011 was a year full of concerts, most record signings, interviews and even go to the White House to talk about rights, 2012 will not be short for New York singer who has confirmed a new album this year 2012 .