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PS3 - Starhawk Official Launch Game Trailer, on game development by Lightbox Interactive, presents "Starhawk" for the PS3. The game is the sequel to Warhawk, a game that revolutionizes the way you shoot with the new Build & Battle. Use buildings, weapons and vehicles to shape your battlefield and thus dominate your enemies. Featuring a full choice for single-player Co-op modes and a system of up to 32 users epic multiplayer. Starhawk is an essential game for all fans of the genre.


"Frankenweenie," the new animated film of Tim Burton
Tim Burton returns to the fray with a new animated film short that it came true in 1984, but this time the director has thought proper to do so put your imagination and feature new technologies to the best of their ability to create. The result: "Frankenweenie".


"Man In Black 3" returns in 2012 Smith returns to the big screen with fellow adventure travel and Tommy Lee Jones in the third installment of "Man in Black 3" due out in mid 2012 at the hands of Barry Sonnenfeld, who also directed the two previous films .