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Paris Jackson hospitalized for attempted suicide

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson, musicMichael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, 15, has been hospitalized since early Wednesday in a hospital in California after her mother called to the ER after the attempted suicide of the girl.


The French reality show "Koh-Lanta" becomes damn

TF1, Koh-Lanta, France, television, program, reality showThe French reality show of survival "Koh-Lanta" is news again by another tragic death on television. This time it was the physician of the program found dead after committing suicide. With this are two people dead, the first was a contestant.


Bob Welch, former member of Fleetwood Mac is found dead
Bob Welch, a former member of the band Fleetwood Mac, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the chest at his home in Nashville, Tennessee, about 12:15 on Thursday, June 7.