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NBC plans to withdraw Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" in 2014

Jay Leno, NBC, television, TV, program, The Tonight ShowThe 2013-2014 season could be the last of Jay Leno at the head of a late night show on NBC, "The Tonight Show". The U.S. television network wants that the program reachs to younger audience, for that NBC plans to hire a presenter younger than veteran Leno.


Will Smith takes Spanish TV show 'El Hormiguero' to U.S.

Will Smith, cinema, film, television, HollywoodSince Will Smith was the last time in Spain in the Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero" (The Anthill), he has many ideas that he has brought to the United States. Now he wants to realize the project being in contact with the U.S. television networks.


What artist should have a reality show or a own movie?

television, pictures, 2012, 2013Everybody, to a greater or lesser extent, we follow the lives of some of our favorite artists. Some are wildly incorrect both professionally and personally and others rather be better hidden in their houses being interviewed on a television, radio or in a concert.


Death has a price ... and audience we thought we had seen everything on TV: reality show, competitions to find someone to sing well, imitate or acting phenomenal, hidden cameras in which the affected person to die of fear, now adds another twist to unimaginable or not on TV: interview a death row before execution.