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Live The 2013 Academy Awards

Oscar Awards, Academy Awards, 2013, cinema, films, AwardsSince this blog you are going to be able to see the Academy Awards 2013 live completely. Night owls hope you enjoy the night. It seems that the ceremony is going to be long by information in Twitter. Keep calm.


Alexander Skarsgard is the new Tarzan actor Alexander Skarsgard has been chosen by British filmmaker David Yates to play the legendary character of Tarzan. Although we will see a more modern character than we are used to and far from the story of his creator.


Universal announces new sequel of "Chucky, the devil doll"
After several rumors about a possible remake of the classic "Chucky, the evil doll" has been reported that this year will start production of "The Curse of Chucky", which will be a sequel to the film shot in 2004.