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Is Justin Bieber out of control?

Justin Bieber, music, 2013, Believe, BeliebersJustin Bieber seems to have forgotten that he is a singer who is a model for many teenagers around the world, continuing his life out of control. Some people say that it is due to lack of maturity and others say for his new companies. It is true that Justin Bieber has lost control of his life.


Whitney Houston's brother Michael admits starting her on drugs

Whitney Houston, músic, Bobby Brown, soulIt won't be the first and the last time that we hear something about singer Whitney Houston and her drug addiction. But now it's her brother who confesses that he was who started her on this damn world.


Pete Doherty suffers a bout of temporary amnesia Doherty has taken a shock to wake up one day and not remember where he was or who he was. It all happened when Doherty was in a train. Since then it has been worried that in the future, we don't see very far, something might happen.


Gary Dourdan, "CSI", ruined by drugs and alcohol actor Gary Dourdan, who played Warrick Brown detective in the U.S. series "CSI Las Vegas" is almost ruined because of his wanderings and his "good relationship" with alcohol and drugs.


The Beatles blame for drug use in Russia Russia comes the news that the head of counter-narcotics Russian Health Ministry, Yevgeny Bryun, considered that drug addiction among the youth of his country is the fault of The Beatles and their legendary journey to India to open their minds.


Lady Gaga talks about her former drug addiction fashion of the famous for having all or most of the best kept secrets of his life, on television, like a program of confessions they were emerging effect. Some have all their secrets at once on a hit show and other famous chapters do so, as is the case of Lady Gaga in a recent interview.