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The music we expect in 2013 (II)

new year, 2013We continue with what is to come this year musically in 2013 that is presented fairly loaded with new features and reunions. Waiting a few surprises as we have lived for the past 2012.

The music we expect in 2013 (I)

2013, New YearWe have entered the year 2013 and some are still in the hangover of the last night of the year and others are still celebrating what we hope will be a good year. As we also expect new releases from established artists in the music and if this year we will have some surprises on a musical level.


Enrique Iglesias fight against cancer at his concerts*4ynKE3usxvMIrl*Jf*QW1HS*PscbQoGg/2.jpgSpanish singer Enrique Iglesias, leveraging his worldwide fame, is associated with a charity to raise funds and public awareness of the importance of the disease during his world tour.


Word of Lady Gaga Gaga is news on the good and bad, in sickness and in health and no one can separate her from her fans and music. But the singer of New York has gone further and has now decided to take another step for gay couples. Want to marry gay couples in their concerts.