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Happy 35th anniversary, Garfield!

Garfield, cat, cartoon, Jim DavisThe most famous and laziest cat of the history of cinema and television, Garfield, turns 35. Jim Davis, the creator, as every year on that date, publishes a cartoon strip in which celebrates the birthday of his beloved and famous cat.


In project a film of "Zip & Zap" twins most famous Spanish comics of all time, Zip & Zap again have a movie on the big screen. In collaboration with Antena 3 Films, will be realized the second film in this two naughty children who revolutionized the comics, film and television.


It will make a movie about comic book theft of Nicolas Cage subject you can get to make a movie. A collapse, ecological catastrophe or natural, a kidnapping, an assassination and even theft. This last item is what you will do a film project, a theft. But not any theft but the theft of a very special comic.