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Artists and athletes come together to support the victims of Oklahoma tornado

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, tornado, disaster, United States
Once again artists from film, television, music and also sports in the United States, have united in one voice to support and pray for the victims of the tornado that struck Oklahoma yesterday and caused countless human and material losses.


Goats also can sing international hits

goat, animal, music The animals have decided to start singing again and make major choirs singing songs and hits from every era. This time goats are the main protagonists of these audiovisuals that they dare with everybody. A good way to laugh a little bit of everything.


Is Hollywood responsible for real violence?

Hollywood, cinema, film, United State, USA, CaliforniaAfter recent news that have appeared concerning the different shootings that have occurred in recent weeks in schools, universities and elsewhere in the United States, the public and others involved in the world of cinema wonder, does Hollywood have some responsibility about acts of violence taking place lately?


Barcelona Artists and Journalists for people with disabilities

This Sunday May 20 was held in Barcelona, ​​a protest for the right to work of disabled people and also against the cuts that are having this group of people. Artists and journalists have been present and in favor of this claim. A manifesto has highlighted the outrage of these cuts.