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Javier Bardem, nominated for Screen Actors Guild Awards

Javier Bardem, Skyfall, cine, cine españolJavier Bardem still adding good reviews all over the world and this time it was the Screen Actors Guild who want to give their support to the Spanish actor adding it to the list of nominees for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the last film in the saga of James Bond "Skyfall".


Javier Bardem will have his star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood actor Javier Bardem is jumping with joy on learning from a story published by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will have a star on the Walk of Fame where just a year and half ago his wife, Penelope Cruz, got him.


James Bond is preparing for two more films
When just been released worldwide last film more cinematic secret agent in history, loudly rumored to be preparing two new movies to know that it has hired the head of the new hit James Bond, "Skyfall" for two more scripts.


Adele makes James Bond cry
James Bond, Secret Agent 007 in the service of Her Majesty the Queen of England or rather who plays the character, actor Daniel Craig, has confessed that Adele's song for the soundtrack of the film "Skyfall" has made him mourn from the opening bars. 


Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig ¡caught! can see the first images of the actors Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig in what will be a new movie in the saga of Agent 007, James Bond, which is being shot in London and the cameras were able to capture some snapshots of the shoot.