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Samuel L. Jackson does not need to win an Oscar

Samuel L. Jackson, cinema, film, Hollywood, Django unchainedSomeone because they have been nominated for Oscars and others because they have not been, but there's always something to say. In an interview to a British newspaper, Samuel L. Jackson has said that he does not need to be an Oscar winning actor is and to be proud of his career.


Samuel L. Jackson also wants to be in "Star Wars: Episode VII"

Since it was published some time ago that there would be a new trilogy in the saga of "Star Wars" are several actors and actresses who want to return or who want to have a role to play in the new film developed by George Lucas. Another who plead his return is Samuel L. Jackson.


Alexander Skarsgard is the new Tarzan actor Alexander Skarsgard has been chosen by British filmmaker David Yates to play the legendary character of Tarzan. Although we will see a more modern character than we are used to and far from the story of his creator.


Shown OmniCorp announcement, the company that created Robocop, the company that created Robocop, has created a website for us to go see the new products that will make the future around the world is getting better and with absolute vigilance. Robocop including, of course. Comes the company's viral advertising Omnicorp.


David Hasselhoff, upset with Marvel for not signing him as Nick Fury an interview with Movieline website, actor David Hasselhoff has left some of his best pearls in the interview to promote participation in the movie "Piranha 3D 2", which is outraged by not signing him with Marvel to play Nick Fury.