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Katy Perry wants to play Freddie Mercury's girlfriend Californian singer Katy Perry is eager to want to play Freddie Mercury's girlfriend, Mary Austin, alongside Sacha Baron Cohen who shall embody the deceased Queen singer in the biopic on the life of Mercury.


Stephen Frears direct the biopic about Freddie Mercury a couple of years had launched a project to make a biopic or a movie about the life of Freddie Mercury, former lead singer of Queen, but was forgotten until today has re-smack the film project with the rumor that already have a director who directed this film.


Red carpet, ceremony and 2012 Oscar Winners night was held the 84th edition of the Oscars in Hollywood where he was expected to pass the red carpet glamor and smiles all possible to start a ceremony which was not expecting much and whose betting on the winners was more than successful.


Sacha Baron Cohen will walk the red carpet as a "dictator" me the horse! He must have thought the British actor Sacha Baron Cohen to get the approval, or that's what it seems, of the Academy of Hollywood to let him walk down the red carpet dressed as the character, General Aladeen, with honors.


Sacha Baron Cohen is facing Hollywood before the Oscars Baron Cohen, actor known for his follies and movies like "Borat" and "Bruno" is censored by the Academy Awards and removed their tickets to attend the ceremony Ocar if it comes down the red carpet dress character of his latest film.