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Lady GaGa's former assistant offers her side of story in Court Depositions

Lady Gaga, music, pop music, diva of pop, Mother MonsterLady GaGa and her former assistant has had to face in the Court Depositions as the possible consequences of false accusations that the singer has said about her at the time of firing. The former assistant demands to Mother Monster the whopping amount of $ 393,000.


Barcelona surrenders at the feet of Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga has been in Barcelona for the only concert in Spain, where, once again she has had her "little monsters" surrendered to the feet of the pop diva has given everything for happy just to have each one of her followers, praising them at every time.


Lady Gaga announces album for 2012"Mother Monster" does not rest a moment. If 2011 was a year full of concerts, most record signings, interviews and even go to the White House to talk about rights, 2012 will not be short for New York singer who has confirmed a new album this year 2012 .