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Madonna auction a painting to fund education for girls in Afghanistan

Madonna, auction, Malawi, Music, Queen of Pop, MDNA, MichiganMadonna returns to show her generosity towards the needy. She will auction a painting by French artist Fernand Léger to fund education for girls in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries.


Some pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger having sex could be published

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator, cinema, film, Hollywood, The ExpendablesMore than a film artist could be in a real bind after a businessman has purchased container that belonged to who was founder of Penthouse. He found a lot of intimate photos of several well-known people, including Arnold Schwarzenegger in embarrassing situation.


Madonna delivers ten schools in Malawi

Madonna, music, Queen of PopMadonna wanted to end 2012 and start 2013 with a smile for those who need it most, the children. Thanks to her founding singer has given a great gift for Malawi area, ten schools will be operational from this month.


Madonna stars in a controversial "striptease" dedicated to Malala Yousafzai
Madonna wants to continue making headlines in every way possible and she is being lately thanks to all concerts being done around the world promoting her latest album "MDNA". This time has been at a concert in Los Angeles where the controversy has become jumping on stage.


30th anniversary of "Everybody", first single of Madonna
Which was considered at the beginning of her career, as a black singer by the arrangements of "rhythm and blues" that were heard in her first single, is celebrating today as Madonna's first hit, "Everybody", turns 30 years.


Madonna's project to build a school in Malawi will become a graveyard
One of the fondest wishes of Madonna when she was in Chinkhota, Malawi in 2009 was to build a girls' school so that they could study but the government there has decided not to proceed with the project and turn it into a cemetery.


Madonna razes on's 2012 Mid-Year Music Awards still does not let the grass grow back under her step and, in this time, the singer of Michigan has returned to do so in the mid-year survey Billboard that the followers do who has been voted the best song, best artist , the best performance and concert during the first half of the year.


Madonna shows her ass to the Italian
The singer Madonna has found that taste of teaching body parts in each concert performed by cities worldwide. This time has been her ass showing who has finished in front of the fans who were present at the concert held in Rome.


Madonna shows her breast at the concert in Turkey singer Madonna continues to cause controversy wherever it goes and all that speaks. This time has been offered a concert in Istanbul, Turkey, where the queen of pop sparked anger and euphoria of those who were enjoying the concert. In this case really enjoyed.


Madonna makes her concert in Tel Aviv, at a summit of Middle East peace has offered her first concert of the world tour "MDNA" in Tel Aviv, Israel, turning her musical show in a message of peace to the Middle East. Although she took the stage accompanied the stage armed men splashed with blood.


Madonna denies that Britney Spears sing on her next single singer Madonna plays down rumors that say much for the social network Twitter and other internet websites that Britney Spears and she has recorded what would be the second single from their new album, entitled "Girls Gone Wild".


The anger of Madonna for the "gift" of M.I.A. in Superbowl Queen of Pop has been the outcry, and rightly so, knowing that his show has been relegated to second place after the British rapper MIA teach your middle finger to half the planet was watching the show at halftime of the Superbowl.

Dates for Madonna's world tour in 2012 got that half the world went crazy with an extraordinary performance on the day of the Superbowl, Madonna has made ​​known to his fans the dates of their upcoming world tour after last week announced it would give all his "luvin 'on stage worldwide.


Madonna, "Venne, video and vinse" in the 2012 Superbowl nerve, endless waiting imagining how it would be and what he was doing in the middle of the Superbowl, after hours of testing, the secrecy of what was brewing in the "kitchen" of the singer knowing the artists who were to participate in the show, in just a few minutes the world surrendered to the feet of Madonna.


Madonna debuts the video for "Give me all your luvin ' is still obsessed with his performance, before long, the Superbowl will be broadcast worldwide. For this reason and has premiered music video for her first single "Give me all your luvin" collaboration with MIA and Nicki Minaj. And, of course, has much to do with the sport of rugby.


"Lady GaGa is raw, fresh, ballsy, very talented" seems the never ending story, each day come new news or new comments from both singers saying nice things or leaving the mouth toads but Madonna and Lady Gaga always have something to tell. This time it was the singer with more experience that Gaga has spoken of but with good words and that is what is implied in an interview on the BBC chat.


Madonna unveils the title of her new album did not want to wait any longer and in an interview with a TV in the UK presented by Graham Norton, has revealed the title of what will be his twelfth studio album and waited.


The music for 2012 (1)
For 2012 are expected in the distant events of what is specifically talking about the musical. We will see a Justin Bieber to be 18 years, Britney Spears will marry a third time, this girl will never learn. But that does not matter! What matters really is what we will be able to hear this year durente 2012. And these are some of the innovations that are coming.