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Lindsay Lohan escapes jail again

Lindsay Lohan, television, cinema, Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, film, moviesActress Lindsay Lohan is back to escape from jail, yet again, after her lawyer has reached an agreement with the judge of a court in Los Angeles. Still, she has to meet a number of conditions that have been imposed mandatorily and she will have to meet if she doesn't wants jail time.


Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen back in bed together

Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, cinema, film, television, Anger Management, Scary Movie 5Lindsay Lohan rejoins the name of Charlie Sheen, again both end up in bed. Not that were caught red-handed in one house in a compromising position, the series "Anger Management" is to blame for this peculiar reunion.


Lindsay Lohan back to court

Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood, cinema, film, arrestLindsay Lohan adds to her travel guide another visit to court, this time requested by the judge of Los Angeles on her sports car crash into a truck on a road in Hollywood.


Lindsay Lohan arrested for fighting at a club in New York Lindsay Lohan has once again been arrested following a fight, among other reasons, which took place at a club in New York. Her police record continues to rise and since 2007 when she was arrested in California for driving while intoxicated.


First official image of "Scary Movie 5" with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen
The saga that makes a mockery of the hit movies of the year returns to the big screen with its fifth edition. Today has posted the first image of the film "Scary Movie 5" and there are two players with a rather negative reputation in the environments of Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen.


Lindsay Lohan lies and will act in another movie with a porn star Lohan is still who despite having had a car accident whose vehicle was fairly shattered and whose passenger had to be hospitalized. Despite this, the actress returns to have a film project on the table and serve with a porn star.


Lindsay Lohan hospitalized after a car accident According to latest information from the website TMZ, actress Lindsay Lohan has had a spectacular car accident on Pacific Coast Highway, California, and currently is in the emergency room of a hospital in Los Angeles. The medical diagnosis of the actress is stable.