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Harrison Ford will be in the sequel to "Anchorman"

Harrison Ford, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han Solo, AnchormanActor Harrison Ford joins the sequel to the movie "Anchorman", a comedy centered on the world of television starring Will Ferrell, which interpreted a veteran television presenter.


Harrison Ford wants to resurrect Han Solo

Harrison Ford, The reporter, Star Wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han SoloHarrison Ford is one of those actors who want to return to the place of his birth, as an actor. For that reason he wants to return to space and once again get into the character that made him famous in the movie "Star Wars", the captain of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo.


Harrison Ford in talks to "Blade Runner" fever for the sequels, prequels and new versions of films 70 and 80 years is paying off in the year 2012 and that some of these have their project well under way. Some of them begin to outline what will be the preliminary draft of the remake. Other candidates have new project is "Blade Runner".


Harrison Ford will star in "Indiana Jones" actor Harrison Ford has stated in a recent interview with Extra TV plans to re-do of Indiana Jones in what will be the fifth film in the saga of the character that has given him international fame over the years despite career others have starred in hit movies.