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Swedish police found drugs on a bus of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Believe, music, beliebersStockholm Swedish police, found drugs inside the bus of Canadian singer Justin Bieber in his tour of the capital of Sweden. Although the police have been unable to find any suspects, is another difficult situation for the teen idol.


Justin Bieber in Spain, unpunctual and threatening

Justin Bieber, music, Pop, Believe, TourJustin Bieber was presented this week in Spain, in two concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, as part of his Believe Tour. As always madness has been unleashed in the streets and at their concerts but he, as a person, as his bodyguards are very poor in kindness.


Justin Bieber hospitalized after running out of air at a concert in London

Justin Bieber, music, London, BelieveJustin Bieber had to be assisted by the medical services for respiratory problems that the singer suffered during his concert in London. In the break he had to administer oxygen but returned to the stage against the decision of the doctors.


Justin Bieber new album released in January

Justin Bieber, Believe, music, beliebers, Believe AcousticJustin Bieber wants to end the year with a bang, and what better way that announcing the release of a new album by the end of January 2013. A twin brother of his album "Believe" but in acoustic.


They planned to castrate and kill Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, beliebers, Believe, musicThanks to the U.S. authorities have been able to thwart the possible kidnapping and murder of Justin Bieber. Although it sounds like a joke that was a pretty serious plot to castrate and kill the Canadian singer who, thankfully, has not been carried out.


Justin Bieber cheats his fans to promote his new music video
Justin Bieber has played with the sentiments of all his fans to simulate the theft of your laptop and personal files to promote her new music video from the album "Believe" published today in scoop and entitled "Beauty and a Beat".