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Merry Christmas to everybody! is a very special day for everyone, but do not fit. Is a time to be with family, friends, with the couple, with whomever. A good time to forgive past recinllas to remember those who no longer are and to take stock of what has happened during 2011.


Is it near the end of "House MD"? American series "House" seems to be coming to an end unless surprised during the eighth season in a chapter and cause the rise of the audience is not being very favorable as in previous seasons that raged in its time of issue.


Demi Lovato back to Timberline Knolls singer Demi Lovato has returned to the treatment center where she was admitted last year to recover from health problems he had during his previous musical tour. She went to talk about everything that happened.


Mourinho "rockstar" of 2011 says that music and sport, in this case football does not go hand in hand? Something like that is what happened this time with the versatile Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid. Not that it has fallen into the world of music but that the magazine "Rolling Stone" named him "rockstar" of the year.