Queen plans to record new album with the voice of Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, Bryan May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Queen, UK, musicIf we thought we had all seen and heard about the British band Queen, we are mistaken. Plan again, and this time it seems to be serious, rumors of the release of a new album by the band, with the voice of Freddie Mercury himself.

Each time that in a meeting of friends are remembered old times, new anecdote appears that we had stored in the back of our minds. This must be what has happened with guitarist Bryan May and drummer Roger Taylor, recalling historical moments with the group Queen and open the trunk of memories. But, surprise, it seems that among all the good times, there are still memories for dusting. Queen unreleased songs that had already forgotten.

The members of the band have wasted no time and are working on the possible release of an album with these songs, in which we would find musical material with Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson, recorded among the albums "Hot Space" (1982) and "The Works" (1984), 'demos' with the voice of the leader of the group, and incomplete and unfinished songs that were discarded for the album "Made in Heaven" (1995). A great treasure kept in oblivion in the history of music.