The Book of Mormon continues its huge success in the U.S.

The Book of Mormon, Broadway, United States, London, South Park, theatreThe Book of Mormon, the musical satirist that is touring the United States, still winning and reviews, day after day, since the project began its career on Broadway on Feb. 24, telling the life of the founder of the Mormons.

 If there is a musical that is not leaving anyone indifferent in the United States, that is, without a doubt, The Book of Mormon, which tells of a very peculiar way, the history of Joseph Smith, founder of Mormons.

For those who still do not know anything about this musical and you are curious to know what this is, maybe not but so we will explain, "The Book of Mormon" is a project of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the four time Emmy winner, series TV "South Park", and as they have been said on occasion, or so it seems, they grew up surrounded by Mormons, as well as Robert Lopez, one of the leaders of the puppet musical Tony Award-winning "Avenue Q".

The Book of Mormon, Broadway, United States, London, South Park, theatreThe plot tells the story of Joseph Smith (1805-1844), founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, commonly known as the Mormons, based on his mystical experiences in which the angel Moroni appeared to him and Joseph Smith himself reflected in the Book of Mormon, something like the Old Testament to Christians Catholics.

The musical blends that story with the adventures of two young Mormon missionaries who are sent to preach to a dangerous area of Uganda, where they must impart the lessons learned in the school of their church in Salt Lake City.

This new project is another example of the taste of the authors satirize any form of organized religion from Catholicism to Scientology, as they do in "South Park", although both say they have not ever met a member of that sect not prove sympathetic.

Not going to tell you more about this project because you have to go see it in any place where the musical is being shown. "The Book of Mormon" is a theatrical experience of the first order: original, yet traditional, hilarious, yet endearing, offensive, but not insulting.

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