Revealed the secret of the series "How I Met Your Mother"

How I Met Your Mother, series, television, CBS, USA, TV seriesThe writers of the hit U.S. television series "How I Met Your Mother" have revealed finally who is the mother for eight who during eight seasons, the character of Ted Mosby has been telling his adventures lived 20 years ago with the rest of his friends.

Millions of viewers have been attentive, for eight seasons, or to any data or neglect that could reveal the name or appearance of the mysterious mother of the television series "How I Met Your Mother". 180 chapters later, CBS has released the mother of Ted Mosby's children.

For a time, both the series and the CBS have been showing different objects and parts of the character that will be in the ninth season. A yellow umbrella, a ticket at the station Farhampton, ankle behind a door or an economics class, have been the tracks, without resolving, so the expectation of the last chapter "Something new" is maximum outside level. And so it proved.

How I Met Your Mother, series, television, CBS, USA, TV seriesBut despite the expectation to uncover the best kept secret of the television series after who shot JR of "Dallas", began to emerge reviews of all styles. According to some of these posts, the disappointment among some of the fans of the series has been evident, even though the series has not disappointed when showing the misterious character in question.

Not will be this blog what will reveal so mysterious secret, although many will have had the chance to watch the last episode of the eighth season of "How I Met Your Mother". Who wants to do it and lose the final chapters that remaining to be issued in certain countries, you can do on the account that the series has on Facebook, where they have posted the photos of the new character.

The blog is not responsible if you see the end of the series earlier than normal. Yes, you can write and comment, those who have seen the final chapter, but without revealing anything, what you think of this end.

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