Helen Mirren comes true the dream of a terminally ill child

Helen Mirren, cinema, theater, London, United Kingdom, The Queen, Elizabeth IIHelen Mirren has become, once again, and for a very worthy cause in the Queen Elizabeth II of England to realize the dream of a child suffering from terminal cancer. 

Oliver Burton, is a 10 year old boy with Down syndrome who, for more sadness, has a bone marrow cancer in terminal phase. As every child has a dream, in this case was to spend an afternoon with Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace to have tea with her. It has not been possible. It appears that the "close" Queen Elizabeth II not have time to fulfill the ultimate dream of one of her subjects on the agenda.

Helen Mirren, cinema, theater, London, United Kingdom, The Queen, Elizabeth II, Oliver BurtonAlthough another queen, this time of the nobility, and not because she has any title of nobility but by the greatness of her person and her kindness, she has been able to fulfill the dream of Oliver.

The actress Helen Mirren, who played Queen Elizabeth II in "The Queen" in 2006 and the wife of British director Alfred Hitchcock in "Hitchcock", has been on the rise to the occasion and dressed in the Queen of England, she has had tea with "Sir Oliver".

Through the organization National Children's Tumour Leukaemia Cancer Trust, Helen Mirren knew the history and the desire to Oliver Burton and that the British Royal Family had no plans to receive the child. She did not hesitate a moment to contribute their grain of sand and to realize his dream.

Taking advantage that nowadays, Mirren plays the queen in the play "The Audience" in London, the actress sent a limousine to Oliver's house, to bring him as a special guest with his family to witness the play and visit the backstage at the theater West End where expected "Her Majesty" Hellen Mirren, Elizabeth II, for have a tea.

Helen Mirren, cinema, theater, London, United Kingdom, The Queen, Elizabeth II, Oliver BurtonOn arrival, he was received with honors of Sir for the actress. The child, excited, spent the afternoon with actress and family joking, eating sandwiches, cookies and laughing nonstop. Hellen Mirren told The Sun newspaper, "It was a pleasure and a privilege to meet a young man so brave". The child's parents commented that the actress was all the time interpreting the role of Isabel II, so that "Oliver thought she was the Queen of truth and that is enough for us. She was really wonderful," said James Browne, father of the child.

Is not it so hard to make a child happy, sure? What will  Elizabeth II think to see that she has not been near of her British subjects when they most needed her?

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