Heavy metal becomes university degree

University of Nottingham, London, United Kingdom, University, Nottingham, studies, heavy metalThe University of Nottingham, UK, will be responsible for training future heavy metal musicians, in addition to knowing how to play and sing, they will end up with a university career. Something more than they can presume when they go out on stage.

More than one will be bragging with their friends that they have all the albums of certain heavy metal bands, they known to all the songs from the beginning to the end and they having some autographs from all of them. From now on it will not be enough to become a real heavy metal. They will have to graduate.

In September 2013, the University of Nottingham, London can launch the career of Heavy Metal. The university offers the possibility to graduate in this specialty. Consist of two years. The price of the first year is 5,750 pounds, about 6,775 euros or $8,769.

heavy metal, music groups, heavy metal groups, musicLet no one think that the degree will be easy. Everyone who wants to graduate must first study. The agenda of the degree will be to learn everything related to the world of heavy metal, will talk about some of the most important bands of this type of music. They will learn how to record an album, the promotion of the same and tours, through all the history that surrounds this world.

Not everything will be studying. The second year will be more practical than the first and students can create their own albums. They may also have the opportunity to make a tour arround the UK. Of course that they will have to work hard to become a big star and end up singing and playing side by side with the best of heavy metal.

For more information please you can see the official website of the University. 20 people have already signed up to start in September and they will become true in authentics heavy metal.

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