Colombian actor beaten up for being the evil of a soap opera

Bastidas Mauritius, Colombia, soap opera, singer, actor, television, musicColombian actor Mauricio Bastidas had surgery after being beaten up by four men for being the evil of a success soap opera that airs on Colombia.

Each time it's getting harder to play a character of evil characteristics in a television series or movie. One of this artists that can talk about this topic is Colombian actor Mauricio Bastidas who plays the character PVC in success series in Colombia, "Tres Milagros" (Three Miracles).

A few days ago, the singer and actor had to undergo emergency of the nose and eye area due to bruises and wounds caused by a group of unscrupulous that they started kicking and hitting with bottles to Bastidas that they were about to disfigure his face.

Bastidas Mauritius, Colombia, soap opera, singer, actor, television, music
As reported by Colombian news website Publimetro, they were four young college completely drunks who have beaten and abused to the actor while they shouted "if you're evil in the soap, you should know how to defend in real life". Of course, young college Neanderthals are already identified and arrested. Justice will be, in real version and not fictional version, who will take care of these characters that, we hope, receive the appropriate punishment.

Mauricio Bastidas, meanwhile, gives a strong wake-up call and a clear warning, commenting on the danger faced for some actors in interpreting certain characters in film and television and to do their job properly, "actors are fearing for the safety of our lives. will be our turn to change jobs ..? "

It  always says, especially in the cinema, that truth is stranger than fiction. But there are people who do not even know what is reality and what is fiction in real life. In the end, someone always pays the consequences because of this kind of insane people. Ladies and gentlemen, they are interpretation artists. And if you can not distinguish one thing from another, go to a psychiatrist.

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