Artists and athletes come together to support the victims of Oklahoma tornado

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, tornado, disaster, United States
Once again artists from film, television, music and also sports in the United States, have united in one voice to support and pray for the victims of the tornado that struck Oklahoma yesterday and caused countless human and material losses.

Twitter has become, once again, in a place of solidarity. Countless messages of various artists from Hollywood, the world of the song and also sports stars have started campaigning for people collaborate with what they can to the victims of Oklahoma City after a devastating tornado swept with much of the state of Oklahoma leaving behind an entire nightmarish landscape of destruction and the deaths of 24 people, according to state officials.

This has been done for example the actress Mia Farrow, pop star Katy Perry and actress Jessica Biel actress. The artists have been asked to from their Twitter account, donations through mobile phone messaging to the Red Cross: "Sending out prayers for the people of Oklahoma tonight. Let's help, just text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate 10 dollars to Those in Need. ❤"

Similarly, rapper Chris Brown and singer Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers and Snoop Dogg have joined to Queen Latifah desire saying: "God Bless the people of Oklahoma. Sending you love and prayers!".

Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, tornado, disaster, United StatesTV presenter Oprah Winfrey, Demi Lovato, Kourtney Kardashian, the American country music singers and actresses LeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert, actresses Denise Richards or Ginnifer Goodwin, are other familiar faces who have requested a prayer for the victims and helping Oklahoma to back, as far as it goes, to normality.

Not just film, music and television are supported the cause. Also the sports world has turned to what happened by the natural disaster. Team players of the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder and other athletes as the pitcher on the baseball team New York Mets, Jeremy Hefer, asked every effort for the victims. "My thoughts and prayers are with everyone back home.. I attended one of the schools that was hit.. Wish I was there to help", tweeted the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball star, Kevin Durant, who has shown all his generosity by donating 1 million dollars to the Red Cross.

Any help is little but can do that, gradually, Oklahoma City and the entire state of Oklahoma return back to normal. From this humble blog invoke the solidarity of those people who read this blog from the United States and other close countries. That all help not only be to pray for the victims, it also needs money for the people who lost everything. Any help is good for very small. Thanks.

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