Swedish police found drugs on a bus of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, Believe, music, beliebersStockholm Swedish police, found drugs inside the bus of Canadian singer Justin Bieber in his tour of the capital of Sweden. Although the police have been unable to find any suspects, is another difficult situation for the teen idol.

Once again the name of Justin Bieber news again. Swedish police found drugs in a bus from the Canadian singer's European tour that has taken him, this time, to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. But no, there are no suspects and it is impossible to proceed with the case.

A situation as seen in the TV series but has proven to be true. A policeman who was wandering around the area smelled marijuana in an empty bus outside the hotel where Justin Bieber was staying before his concert in the Swedish capital on Wednesday night, said police spokesman Kjell Lindgren. The police did not hesitate to look into the bus that had taken between 10 and 15 individuals at the venue.

Justin Bieber, bus, european world tour, Believe
Police spokesman explained how was the research process: "The police entered the bus, searched it and found a small amount of narcotics. We do not know who was or who the drug consumed, so it will be difficult to link them to any individual".

The drugs found in the vehicle was sent to the laboratory and Lindgren said police did not plan to do anything more about what happened unless they get more information and find the perpetrators.

Another problem at a long list of setbacks, the latest in the Anne Frank House museum, to Justin Bieber who is traveling through Europe in his "Believe" and plans to go to Finland on Friday.

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