In memoriam of the victims of the attack in Boston

United States, Boston, attack, pray for Boston, 2013Serious terrorist attack on the finish of the Boston Marathon, considered the biggest sporting event in the world. From this humble blog, total rejection of violence and support for the families of those killed and injured.

At times like this, when someone like me is preparing to write a post about music or cinema, and receives word of an attack, possibly terrorist, in which there have been hundreds of injuries and two deaths, I have heard that have been two children, the mind blocks and does not know what write because thinking is in place of attack.

I will not talk about the attack, nor will I put images and video of what happened in Boston. Not the place nor the time to do it, is not my specialty with the theme of this blog. It's time to think again, it's time to back to ask why, it is time to know what is being done wrong, it's time of hearing the silence.

At times like this we must be more united than ever. This post is very short but I think that there is nothing more that say at this time. Only from this humble blog, my condolences to the families of the dead and all the love and support for the injuried.

                                   From this blog #PrayForBoston

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