Brad Pitt returns to World War II

Brad Pitt, actor, Hollywood, Angelina Jolie, cine, películasBrad Pitt will get into the role of a soldier of the Second World War in a new movie about this time. "Fury" recreate a real episode between members of the U.S. Army and the Nazi contingent.

U.S. actor Brad Pitt is getting used to dress in military costume, especially World War II. A failure to  the final signing of the agreement conditions, Pitt will head the cast of "Fury", a film written and directed by American film director David Ayer.

Based on an actual episode of the war era, the story takes place in 1945, when the Nazi regime is in its last days of decline and a group of five soldiers who are in an American tank must confront a German battalion.

Brad Pitt, actor, Hollywood, Angelina Jolie, film, movies, cinema
According to specialized blog Deadline, the independent film production company QED International, directed by Bill Block, one of the industry’s leading talent agents, has paid $1 million to be done with the script of the director. With this acquisition, the producer has made the largest payout in history since its inception.

In an interview with the film blog, David Ayer said that "the objective is to bring fresh execution to the genre". In reference to the film, the filmmaker says that "What These men went through is worthy of a complex, honest portrayal. This Will Have incredible, visceral action rich and complex characters. I plan to bring tank combat to life in a way That lands with a modern audience".

At this rate Brad Pitt will end obesionado with war movies, particularly the World War. Three years ago he took part in "Inglourious Basterds" by Quentin Tarantino, in which the actor starred as Lt. Aldo Raine, arriving from America to occupied France in front of a group of Jewish soldiers to end the Third Reich. In June also we will see him in "World War Z", by Swiss director Marc Forster film which tells the story of a zombie war that was about to kill humans.

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