The inspiration for Bruno Mars, the female genitals

Bruno Mars, music, Locked out of HeavenBruno Mars just confessed how best has inspiration to compose their successes, the female genitalia. It is not very common in the vast majority of artists but it seems to work very well to him.

For some artists they find their inspiration looking at the moon, sitting oceanfront, others prefer to sing about love, about their girl, a lost love, a newborn son, to drugs, although so do be annoying. But others find their inspiration in something as well hidden as are the female genitalia.

Bruno Mars, music, Locked out of Heaven
That's right, the popular singer Bruno Mars is inspired by what every woman has between her legs. Thanks to that, the artist has unclear that awake his sexy side, to write the verses and getting more successful. As an example, one of their hits "Locked out of Heaven" that talks about the most intimate area of a woman. The singer can not understand yet how can be a taboo subject.

Speaking to GQ magazine, Mars said: "I like to sing about it, It seems sexy for me. I think it helps get out the sexy side of you and project it. Sex liven up any party. For me, the verses are really make a good song: 'Swimming in your water is something spiritual.' If you think it's something obscene is because you do not understand that is poetry".

Besides his great inspiration, they asked to Bruno Mars about the keys to making a success of a song. Undoubtedly, the singer answered clearly and concisely. Take note: "For me? Song let hypnotize me in the first three seconds, which awake my ear, give me something I've never felt before. And then it hit me in the face". If you are writing songs and suddenly feel a bump on the nose does not hesitate for a second, post it, is it a guaranteed success.

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