Sony is ready for the return of "The Smurfs"

The Smurfs, cartoons, Hollywood, Sony, The Smurfs 2, movie, filmIn Sony Pictures Animation is all set to release the second part of the film "The Smurfs". For those who want to see these little characters blues in the U.S., will have to wait until the end of July and in August in Europe and Latin America.

The Smurfs are already choosing their best suits and evening dresses, we know that they will wear in white, to be ready for the premiere of the second adventure of these blue characters created by Belgian cartoonist Pierre Culliford "Peyo".

This time "The Smurfs 2" will take place in Paris. The focus of the film is the Smurfette. The little blonde suffers the trauma for being unlike any other of its kind, as it she was created by the sorcerer Gargamel that plans her abduction now to recover the formula that make special at the Smurfs.

The Smurfs, cartoons, Hollywood, Sony, The Smurfs 2, cinema, film, movie
Gargamel, played by actor Hank Azaria, now lives as a famous magician whose last great creation were the naughties, a tiny beings thugs in gray that the magician wants to transform into Smurfs for use them later and to kidnap the Smurfette.

The Smurfs are going to have a lot of work to go to the rescue of the lovely bluish litle lady although will have the company of Patrick and Grace Winslow, played by Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother) and Jayma Mays. With this mission we visit places like the Cathedral of Notre Dame, to the Tuileries, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower.

The director and the producer of "The Smurfs 2", Raja Gosnell and Jordan Kerner, explained in a presentation at the Sony Studios in Los Angeles, which will be a sequel to "more psychological and emotional depth" which aims to start "tears and laughter" of the viewer in equal measure. We are warned, will have to carry handkerchiefs for a possible attack of crying.

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