Russell Crowe said he saw a UFO

Russell Crowe, actor, Hollywood, film, cinema, moviesRussell Crowe claims to have photographed a UFO at the time when the actor and his friend were doing some photos from the office to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney. These photographs have caused a stir among fans of this kind of story and fans of the actor.

Two friends are in the office at night and decided to take some pictures to some bushes that are in a botanical garden while trying to watch the fruit bats flitting around the area. Suddenly a red light crosses the stage, right to left, causing the astonishment of the two people. Quickly they decide post it on Twitter, they have seen a UFO.

This argument sounds like Hollywood fiction film with very low budget but with a little luck it will triumph at the big screen and then to produce a sequel. But this is real and its main character, although he doesn't appear in the photos, is New Zealand actor Russell Crowe who along with a friend last week caught some pictures something suspicious and hard to believe from the windows of their producer office in Woolloomooloo.

Russell Crowe, actor, Hollywood, film, cinema, movies, broken city
From his Twitter account, the actor said: "A friend and i set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens,this was a big surprise". A few days later, he and his friend decided to hang the pictures on the network in the form of video with some music for everyone to see what they had seen. Suddenly, messages began to appear, mostly very skeptical, about the video that actor had posted on YouTube with the profile ParallelUniverse1234.

Soon the actor wanted to give further credence to the photos explaining that "For starters, I do not connect the flash while using my camera, and it can not be due to an optical effect of the lens because the camera was fixed on a tripod. Neither we have manipulated nor we have added anything to images.'s Not even a video, are three consecutive frames that we took in that moment, and have been taken directly from the camera".

Miscellaneous comments have appeared on his Twitter account. From people who have believed that what they saw was a UFO photographed by the camera of the actor, while others joke about the composition of the photos, saying that "it is the worst mount that we ever seen".

Russell Crowe, actor, Hollywood, film, cinema, moviesThe actor has not spoken more about it since 6 March but he has tried with the video and his words to make us believe that it really he saw at 250 meters from his office was a UFO. In the video you will see pass the red light, while the bottom you will see a white light that some people can believe it is an optical effect that caused the camera lens. However, although is a little bright light, so something had lit on top of the trees and in the grass of the botanical garden.

Everything suggests that this production of poor quality is the result of a cheap publicity of his latest film entitled "Broken City", released on February 13, and starring alongside actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. A detective film style and political content of the 70.

If anyone else has seen any flying object resembling a UFO, please let them know immediately to Russell Crowe and he very willingly will go to visit your and will take some pictures.

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