Noel Gallagher attacks Justin Bieber

Noel Gallagher, Oasis, musicNoel Gallagher wanted to give his critical view on the Canadian singer Justin Bieber and the delay of two hours he had in the first concert in London which has brought a barrage of criticism from the British media.

The former member of Oasis, Noel Gallagher, has once again opened his mouth to say or, rather, criticize adolescent idol, Justin Bieber. As the guitarist is so generous, he has also had the great delicacy to comment about the new album and the new music video of singer David Bowie. A great detail by the guitarist.

According to the British newspaper The Sun, Noe Gallagher said thatJustin Bieber was too arrogant to leave his fans for two hours waiting for the singer appeared on stage and the concert began. He said that if you want to make waiting at your audience, he should have a very good excuse.

Very philosophically Gallagher asked himself the reason for delay of Bieber: "Is it rock ‘n’ roll to be two hours late? It depends on what he was doing in those two hours. Was he snorting coke off prostitutes? Or was he playing bridge?"

Noel Gallagher, Oasis, music
Justin Bieber had a very good excuse for him. Thousands of followers of the concert had to have known at the mouth of the representative Canadian singer had this great delay about two hours was because he was playing video games. Something that seems to be more important for him that to be entertaining at people of the concert. It's a good way to laugh at them and, while, still make more money.

Gallagher to know what was the reason for the delay said: "That’s not very rock ’n’ roll, is it? My cat sounds more rock ’n’ roll that that". Compared to what we're used to hearing from him. We must also say him that the Canadian singing pop music, or something like that, but the former Oasis guitarist does not care much: "I just know his name Justin. Whatever. I don’t know anything about him. I know people really f****** hate him, don’t they".

Although he was brief in his comments and continuing the theme of cats, Noel Gallagher also had some words for the singer David Bowie who recently released his first single of the new album. Translate his words in a soft tone: "We’re still talking about that song. The video’s mad, like his f***ing cat directed it". Just do not doubt that the new album's chameleonic singer has delighted him: "It’s great to hear his voice singing something new. The more you hear Where Are We Now? the better it gets". 

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