NBC plans to withdraw Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" in 2014

Jay Leno, NBC, television, TV, program, The Tonight ShowThe 2013-2014 season could be the last of Jay Leno at the head of a late night show on NBC, "The Tonight Show". The U.S. television network wants that the program reachs to younger audience, for that NBC plans to hire a presenter younger than veteran Leno.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC is planning to announce this decision in May at the Upfronts. Sources say the idea is to move Jimmy Fallon of his time fringe, from the coveted late night until 11:35. Initially he would move in the summer of 2014 to keep the rest of the season.

According to some sources this decision would be motivated by time change of Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, at 11:35. Kimmel is a younger presenter so their audience is too. "The longer this Jimmy Kimmel in that space, more young audience leaves, and harder is for Jimmy Fallon to keep it". Despite the good data of Leno, Kimmel is very competitive in the fringe of 18-49 years.

Jay Leno, NBC, television, TV, program, The Tonight ShowOfficially the television network  has responded with a resounding no. While Leno's representative has said that they not speculate with rumors. So presumably we will not know until May if they are just rumors or facts. But it is well known that Leno has a strong personality and will fight like a wounded animal can not accept change easily, especially before they do his main rival, David Letterman, by CBS.

In short, for NBC, the legendary host Jay Leno, with 20 years of experience on "The Tonight Show", is too old to stay ahead of your program and want someone younger like Jimmy Fallon for to take charge of the program or the same time zone. There are rumors for everyone. The main question is whether the audience that had followed over the years to Leno will remain loyal to Fallon or, otherwise, will disappear causing a large drop in the audience.

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