David Bowie allows listen completely his new album "The Next Day"

David Bowie, music, The Next Day, 2013David Bowie, 11 days before his official release worldwide, allows fans to hear his new album "The Next Day", full and free through the iTunes digital platform. For a limited time.

It is 10 years since the publication of his latest album "Reality" and only 10 days left to David Bowie release new musical material. But before that, the singer has decided, to everyone's surprise and early morning, hang his new musical work and allow their followers and supporters listen as wholly "The Next Day" on iTunes digital platform.

Although in January we heard a first step in what will be his new job, the thirtieth of his career, "The stars (are Out Tonight)", is from today and for a limited time when you can hear everything about this new album.

David Bowie, music, The Next Day, 2013
"The Next Day" presents us with 14 songs that recover the strength of guitar rock of the 70s and sometimes with his unmistakable stamp "glam" that makes us understand that David Bowie is not finished and is here to stay. What we do not know is if the singer will make ​​a world tour to introduce the new album or just it will be local concerts.

The British newspaper The Independent, building a positive review of the album, says of the disc that the return of Bowie "may be the best comeback album ever made". For those who want to hear you are still in time to do it and opin what do you suggest this new work of David Bowie.

The world tour that made ​​David Bowie in 2003 with his previous album "Reality", had to be canceled due to the health problems suffered by the chameleonic singer and it became suspicious that he would retire from the world of music. Luckily that has not happened.

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