Sylvester Stallone backs banning assault weapons

Sylvester Stallones, Rambo, Rocky, The Expendables, cinema, film, HollywoodGradually the heroes of action movies, begin to express their feelings about the possible abolition of certain firearms in the United States after the events. One of those voices is Sylvester Stallone.

It appears that some of the hearts of some action movie actors begin to soften and express openly to the public what they thinking about that assault weapons be sold to the general public like candies for children.

We've seen it many times with one, two and three weapons in his hands, strafing everything that is around, in four installments of "Rambo", in three of "The Expendables", and in his last film "Bullet to the Head". But this man has one thing very clear, we must ban the sale of assault weapons to citizens.

Sylvester Stallone, Rambo, Rocky, The Expendables, cinema, film, Hollywood"I know people get (upset) and go, 'They're going to take away the assault weapon.' Who … needs an assault weapon?", the actor said Friday, as quoted by the Associated Press. "Like, really, unless you're carrying out an assault. … You can't hunt with it. … Who's going to attack your house, a (expletive) army?"

Such confidence was Sylvester Stallone when explaining why they should not have such weapons at home. These weapons are made exclusively for the military. 

After the slaughter at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, in December, Hollywood movies and action stars in particular have been the main objective of public opinion to explain the films and television programs that include violence of any kind but especially those involving firearms.

Perhaps, indeed, we will be attacked by the army in our own homes? That only happens in movies and in very underdeveloped countries. Is United States a underdeveloped country to have these weapons to the sight of children in their own homes like toys?

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