Steven Tyler dresses up of a woman for an audition of "American Idol"

Steven Tyler, music, Aerosmitrh, American IdolIf it seemed that the musical talent program auditions "American Idol" were being boring, someone wanted to liven up the party before starting to sing in front of the jury of the television program. Steven Tyler appeared in drag.

O auditions have become a real boredom or jury of the television program "American Idol" needed a shock to be more lively so they can listen to all those who came to sing to try to enter the program.

But what I did not expect, both the audience sees the program as the jury was there this is that suddenly enter a character dressed of woman who at the time  to speak "he" had a voice really loud and not a sweet voice that could delight to win over the jury. We refer to the singer and band member Aeromsith, Steven Tyler

Stven Tyler, music, Aerosmith, Amercian Idol, television, TV
Eyed and astonished faces, giggles and looks of "I don't know what to do". The former jury of  "American Idol", called himself "LaBeija Pepper", a renowned drag queen who died in America in 2003. Tyler appeared dressed in a stylish animal print miniskirt, a sleeveless gray sweater and a blonde wig.

It took a short time for Keith Urban, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj for would realize who was under disguise. Tyler could be easily recognizable unless he had a twin sister.

Taking off the wig, Tyler should not have done, they found the real protagonist or, rather, with a musical imitation of Cruella de Vil. The next time he takes a mink coat, maybe he is less recognizable. Still, Steven Tyler got encouraging staff, have a laugh with them and with the public. All for the hearing and for good sense of humor. Bravo!

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