"Hitchcock" not convinced to criticism

Anthony Hopkins, Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock, cinema, fillm, 2013, HollywoodA good enough story to make a film. Some extraordinary actors to represent one of the best directors of suspense and his partner, but it seems that film critics are not convinced much about the film "Hitchcock".

Everyone was waiting for the premiere of the film director Sacha Gervasi. And more specifically film critics who wanted to throw like vultures over carrion to rant about another film. And they have succeeded.

Apparently the new film of Anthony Hopkins portraying Alfred Hitchcock has not been liked by critics and no has received good praise despite a great performance ofgreat British actor, who, as he said in an interview, tried how to imitate the voice and manner of the director "without exaggeration".

How could it be otherwise, the British media have grabbed the shield and spear to criticize "Hitchcock". For The Guardian, the film is a biography "superficial" and "naive" of cinematic genius and something has been "disappointing". For the newspaper The Independent, the film has failed to "capture" the energy of "Psycho".

Anthony Hopkins, Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock, cinema, fillm, 2013, Hollywood
For those who do not know what the movie is about, this is based on Stephen Rebello's book "Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho" where the employment relationship deepens and sentimental of Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville partner, played by actress Helen Mirren, in the time when Hitchcock decided in 1960 to film "Psycho". Many people did not believe in this project since it regarded the very low category film but became one of the masterpieces of British director.

A film something complicated for shooting since Anthony Hopkins refused to gain weight to mimic the bulky figure of Hitchcock, so the producers had to make a prosthesis with which it was difficult to move around in the studio.

As a good actor, Hopkins takes things very seriously and for this role would not be less: "I refused to go into the studio until I was fully clothed. I'm Methodical. Dislikes going to try being half dressed. 'Wait (told the film crew) until I change'. I take it very seriously".

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