Disney announces two "spin-offs" at parallel to "Star Wars"

star wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, episode VIISince Disney acquired Lucasfilms, George Lucas's company, has continued to work at any time on the proposed "Star Wars", now that there is a director in charge of Episode VII saga. With little time to breathe, the Mickey Mouse factory announces two "spin-offs" parallel to the trilogy that is coming.

Almost daily news and all related to the same subject, the saga of "Star Wars". Headline after headline we discover new clues of what will be the seventh episode that to be directed by director J. J. Abrams. But this time the news has surprised everyone and their fans in particular. Disney announces two "spin-offs" parallel of the new trilogy of "Star Wars".

For those not very familiar with this word as mostly film and television, we would say that a "spin-off" is a project, in this case a film, where the idea or any of the characters created in a movie ends up having his own movie with a plot that can be similar to what was playing on the previous tape or completely new.

star wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, Yoda
The confirmation came from Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, and published by website  The Hollywood Reporter entertainment which indicates that the director and screenwriter, famous as the writer of the two sequels to "Star Wars" "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi", Lawrence Kasdan, and screenwriter and script responsible for films like "X-Men: The Last Stand" or "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", Simon Kinberg, are working on two parallel films that would function as "spinoffs" of future trilogy.

One of the rumors that have been published by a known American blogger is that Disney would roll a film focused on the figure of Master Yoda, a story that has not yet been confirmed by the company.

Iger said that "they are working in separate films derived from great characters of Star Wars that are not part of the whole saga, but still plan to do Star Wars VII, VIII and Star Wars Star Wars XI in the next six years". So these two writers will have their work cut out and their fingers will have eternal rest when you finish these projects.


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